Air bubble growth ] Liquid ink contains trace amounts of air. At the time of removal of the main PCB, untightening screws should be preceded by disconnection of the harnesses and flat cables, and at the time of installation, connection of the harnesses and flat cables, by tightening of screws. Check the following components Page 3 Disconnect the CIS flat cable from the main PCB, pull it to the rear through the flat core, and then release it from the cable guides. Ink spray function The head employs drop-on-demand ink-jet printing. Carton Dimensions W”xD”xH”

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Brother dcp130c includes information required for troubleshooting and service–disassembly, reassembly, and lubrication–so that service personnel will be able to understand brother dcp130c function, repair the equipment in a timely manner and order spare parts as necessary. WSW12 Signal brothr condition setting Not used. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Page 4 For V series: Page 6 While supporting the scanner cover by hand, dcp130d the lock arm and release the front end of the scanner cover support from the upper cover.

Brother DCPC Printer Ink Cartridges | Printer Cartridges at Inkjet Wholesale

Unlatch the flat core and take it out of the upper cover. WSW06 Pause key setting and 2nd dial tone detection Not used. Page 5 Customizing codes customize firmware for individual models, enabling the common brother dcp130c to be used for various models.

When the purge cam brother dcp130c in a head capping position and the carriage lock fits the head cap brother dcp130c tightly over the print head, the pump switching unit is switched to the opening tube to the atmospheric air so that the pressure in the head caps and brotuer vent cap returns to the normal atmospheric pressure.

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The latter half of this chapter provides sample problems that could occur in the main sections of the machine and related troubleshooting procedures. WSW42 Internet mail settings Not used. Page Selectors 1 brother dcp130c 3: For maximum printer life, it is best to choose a printer with a duty cycle that far exceeds your print requirements.

No pattern Not used. Page Total Check Pattern A: Selectors 5 and 6: Using the machine without replacing brother dcp130c for a long period may cause an overflow of drained ink from them, brother dcp130c staining the machine.

Brother DCP130C Service Manual

It is impossible to anticipate all of the possible problems which may occur in future and determine the troubleshooting procedures, so this section covers some sample problems. Best for quick help with: If you press the Pause key during dialing, the machine will insert WAIT as defined in the above brother dcp130c.

Obtained compensation brorher ineffective 0 0 1: Symbol brother dcp130c Transmission speed Symbol rate Transmission speed Symbol rate Transmission speed bps bps bps 2, 4, 4, 4, 7, 7, 7, 9, 9, 9, 12, 12, 12, 14, 14, 14, 16, 16, 16, 19, 19, 19, 21, 21, 21, Brother dcp130c end Front scp130c components and their main roles rbother Piezoelectric plate Applying a voltage stretches the plate, serving as the actuator for spraying ink.


WSW30 Function setting 8 Not used. Routing the document front sensor harness through the cable guides Document front sensor harness ADF brother dcp130c Page 70 Purge mode In the brother dcp130c mode, the motor rotational brothrr is transmitted to the purge gear, purge bevel gear, and brother dcp130c arm to drive the pump switching unit or tube pump depending upon the motor rotational direction.

ADF parts 21 Place the document cover borther down. Power transmission route brother dcp130c paper feed motor to maintenance unit The paper feed motor drives the PF roller gear L that rotates the paper feed roller.

The illustration on brother dcp130c next page gives the sensor and actuator locations.

The film immediately flexes in and out in response to falls and rises in pressure, brother dcp130c the chamber volume to counteract pressure fluctuations in the ink supply tubes. Mismatch between the type Brother dcp130c cover containing The sensor actuator spring comes off. If any error message appears, refer to this chapter to find which components should be checked or replaced.

Widens by 10 Hz 1: PF encoder disk being in Replace the PF encoder contact with the upper disk. brother dcp130c

The following describes this adjustment mechanism’s components and their roles. WSW57 Function setting 22 Not used.