In October , after only five years in operation, the psychiatric hospital closed down because of debt. The Washoe Club 13 Photos. My Ghost Story 12pm 11c. The Alley of Darkness 11 Photos. Some were creepy, like the little girl who died in the fire, but others were laughable, like the female mental patient struggling in a straitjacket. My Haunted House 6pm 5c. Get our latest travel news and trends delivered to your inbox. Just them locking themselves in makes you imagine what it would be like if you were in their shoes.

In , Joshua Ricketts, superintendent of the county farm at the time, had recorded 32 deaths out of the roughly inmates who had stayed at the farm between and The contract was then granted to J. Ghost Adventures Norblad Hostel 24 Photos. Coles County Leader Tuscola. Local resident recalls memories of living there during her childhood”. Rosa Salazar on Alita: Tintic Mining District 14 Photos. In , Paul Swinford, in conjunction with a Tennessee company known as Corrections Corporation of America , attempted to turn Ashmore Estates into a mental health facility for teenage boys.

There couldn’t be a more perfect place for a paranormal investigation than Ashmore Estates.

Ghost Adventures – Ashmore Estates – video dailymotion

Zack interviews the local weather man, Kevin Orpurt, about his encounter with the paranormal. He introduces them to the 3-story abandoned hospital that sticks out like a sore thumb. A Haunting 10am 9c. Ghost Adventures Mashup Coles County retained the farmland around the property, but sold the almshouse to Ashmore Adventuress, Inc.


Review: Ghost Adventures Season 5 Episode 1 – Ashmore Estates

They would hear voices coming from the recorder. Ghost Adventures Norblad Hostel 24 Photos. Haunted Case Files 11pm 10c. They smoked their own bacon and hams in the smoke house, they killed and dressed all their own chickens, and made their own butter. The two originally envisioned building a brand new, one floor residency to house up to patients, but the state planning committee refused to approve that plan after considering it for six months. There is no fire protection.

Ashmore Estates closed in and stood abandoned untilwhen it was opened as a commercial haunted house. Hotel Leger 8 Photos. Nick taunts the ghosts while on the first floor, harassing them to try to get them to show up. A Haunting 8am 7c. The crew investigates the history of the abandoned psychiatric hospital and interviews eyewitnesses that have experienced the paranormal.

None are locked up or in restraint. The Slaughterhouse 13 Photos. It was featured again in season 3 of the Ghost Adventures spin-off show Ghost Adventures: Nothing happens but he did feel a scratch on his left hand.

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Privacy Policy Sign Up. Bythe shelter care facility housed 49 residents, including 10 afflicted with epilepsy. My Haunted House 7pm 6c. Hawkins, who immigrated to Coles County from Kentucky in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I know I would estattes scared shitless if I locked myself inside an abandoned hospital. A Haunting 11am 10c. This part gave me goosebumps. Their haunted house opened on October 13, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My Ghost Story 2pm 1c. In a interview with the Times-CourierSwinford said: EVPs from Ashmore Estates Westerfeld House 20 Photos.


My Haunted House 5pm 4c. Tintic Mining District 14 Photos. Zimmerman, and William Knollenberg, received bids for the construction of a new “fireproof” building at the location.

Guys get attacked in Ashmore It would be three years before anyone endeavoured to re-open the institution. Battle Eisode sequel February 23, He woken up on the ground and a couple of feet away from the chair he was sitting on.

Zack Bagans is the host and narrator who wears tight shirts, and he is joined by Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin.

Ghost Adventures S05E01 – Ashmore Estates

Orpurt was scared to relive a moment during his previous visit where he was sitting down on a chair on one of the floors and blacked out. The things they do are quite douchey in a comical way, and the locations and history behind them are entertaining and insightful. Ghost Calls Zak Out by Name

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