An animated PC hidden object game , iCarly: When Carly and her best friend Sam act funny at a school talent show audition , tech-savvy Freddie records it and posts it online without informing them. While they are dating, however, Carly finds out a big secret about Griffin that she does not like at all; he collects “PeeWee Babies. Retrieved February 28, Carly gets the rights to the title back and changes iCarly back to the way it was. Retrieved August 23,

Retrieved September 15, They later have dreams about dancing. Unfortunately, when Spencer powers-on his sculpture, the power goes out, ending the show before it can break the world record. Because of this, they are forced to be the judges of the school talent show auditions. However, when the relationship begins to affect iCarly, Carly and Freddie decide that they have to do something. In late January , while doing press for her North American Dancing Crazy concert tour, Miranda Cosgrove began telling news sources that she was looking forward to returning to Hollywood to begin filming a fifth season of iCarly. The actress said the props department worked hard to make the food great, but she revealed to Rosie O’Donnell in a interview that she hasn’t had ham since the first episode.

Schneider said he then bought the URL for iJosie. Archived from the original on August 18, She ends up performing on the bagpipes and their view count drops instantly.

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There is no correct answer. Meanwhile, Spencer creates a mini golf course that becomes popular with many kids.

Archived from the original on November 4, This app consists of Sam’s remote, which she uses on live casts of iCarly in the show, where one pushes different buttons and they make silly sound effects. He roller blades instead, then after falling into a dumpster, he walks.

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epislde Carly sets Sam up with Reuben a new friend of Gibby that likes Sam, although she is freaked out by his weird habit of talking in strange metaphors and for revenge after she helped Sam rub calamine lotion all over her mom’s body when she got chicken pox everywhere and Freddie with Shannon for a triple-date, and has Gibby act like Freddie to get Shannon interested in him.


Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer learn that if they don’t find the chicks in time, the baby chicks will die, and they must search frantically before time runs out.

After Carly gets a shock from stepping in a puddle causing her hair to mess up, they exploded when she threw them away in a trash can and Freddie’s new computer crashed for using the Wi-Fi, Carly realizes how terrible Techfoots are.

Jimmy Fallon invites the gang to New York after Carly dedicates a webshow to him parodying his famous skits. Meanwhile, Spencer makes a sculpture out of butter called Toasty the Baker for a bread convention but has to restart it after Sam turns up the heat and melts it. This is the first episode to have a real life famous band on the show the second being iGo One Direction where One Direction appear. Retrieved April 12, When they use the green screen to get hilarious backgrounds, people come back and iCarly has more viewers than ever.

Pilot episode of Big Time Rush. This episode features beatboxing flutist Greg Patillo as Sam’s cousin “who is not in Jail”.

Unknown to the iCarly gang, Steven goes to Los Angeles where it is revealed that he is dating another girl named Tori Vega from Victorious at the same time. The iCarly crew attempts to bring them back together as friends, which only leads to conflict for Carly and Sam when their comparison of conflicts with each other with Fleck and Dave’s conflicts eventually breaks them up, even to the point where the web show is put in jeopardy.


After overhearing Principal Franklin’s Tim Russ username and password to the school’s network, Sam changes Carly’s grade to give her the straight A’s she deserves.

Check out the nominees”. They distract her by being her “personal trainers”. Some are boring but Carly and Sam instantly fall for an amazing Dancer who Freddie takes a dislike to.

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Meanwhile, Spencer tags along with them at Webicon dressed as Aruthor from “World of Warlords” to win a nefelocity contest, only to meet a man dressed as Aruthor’s mortal neveloclty, Aspartamay. However, The mistake still results in more viewers. Feeling very sorry for Nora, the gang decides to do a web show in order to convince Nora’s peers at School that the crew are really at her party.

Retrieved October 30, Carly gets the rights to the title back and changes iCarly back to the way it was. Their fans send in loads of video clips.

Links to related articles. Writers Guild of America. Spencer is crushed when Joyner tells him he has no talent. Archived from the original on February 13, Meanwhile, Gibby decides to camp at the Shay loft, after not being able to attend his camp for another year due to age.

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